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tbird and I are working on getting the database located here at the forum.

We have a very rough one working now.
The question is what do y'all look for when you access the database?

What do you think the best search criterium (criteria) would be, VIN, color, delivery etc., a combination (if possible)?

Or are you happy with where it is located now and how http://groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/ it operates?


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Thanks for all of your hard work. Without your database I would be going nuts. It would be nice if you could also include where people are on the waiting list at thier dealers, 2 or 8, 10 of 40, etc. This way I could get an idea of when I should have a vin number.

7 of 52 bp/bt/bi
SoCal Tbird,

When people supply me that data I enter it into the remarks column. Up until recently most of the data I have received has been from the lucky #1's. I am starting to see more allocation positions though.

Being 7 of 52 would make me think you will be receiving one in the not to distant future. Your dealer should be getting about 6 or so per month now that all the #1's are out.

jodrod - I think it would be nice to have it here, but since I have my car, I don't reference as often as many others. This locations just seems like it would be very handy, and using a true database would make data search more flexible than a spreadsheet.
Local Dealer in GA jsut got # 2
Yellow Premium/with HT, partial Black interior Vin # 6040

BTW -- I tried to enter this on the web page, but it says my membership still has not been approved and will not let me enter anything. Any ideas?
Joe, the white bird I reported yesterday had a delivery date of 11/17/01. That was Vin # 104588 in Stillwater Ok.

Bill's Red and White #4359
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