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Just an update on the data I have been posting.

All the data can be found in the files section:

TBird Data

I have eliminated the destination plot because the data is being skewed and is not representive of the true distribution. I have several people who have been searching the DealerConnection and supplying me with data, that is the reason there seems to be a lot of cars going to CA and FL. One can assume the distribution will closely match the states population, the more populated states getting more cars.

I have also changed the files to HTML format. This will allow direct reading into your web browser and it is also much simpler for me to generate, not near as much data manipulation required. So look for the files with a .htm file extension in the files section.

I don't plan on updating the database anymore unless you all feel it is a better vehicle to display the data, in which case I will continue.

I now have only two plots, Dates #_##.jpg and Vehicle Info #_##.jpg. The Dates plot contains the Build/ETA/Delivery date estimates and the Vehicle Info contains data on body color, interior, model and hardtop/softtop distributions. The plots are also in the photo section in the Plots folder with the same file names.

The main reason for these changes are they greatly reduce the amount of time I need to spend on generating and displaying the data, it was approaching two hours from the time I started until I had finished uploading.

Any feedback on the new formatting is appreciated.


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Come on, Jodrod. For what we are paying you, you can darn well take up all of your free time, and nights, and weekends and keep the data updated on a real-time basis.

Seriously, Jodrod you have no idea how appreciated and admired your work is. We do not know how we could surivie this wait without your terrific info and this great forum.


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I really like the new format for the vehicle/destination/owner info! When you say you aren't going to update the database any more, is that chart what you are talking about? I realize it is a lot of work, but I find it very interesting to peruse. Do you still want vehicle data, then, or not?

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No, I am referring to the database in the database section on Yahoo. I will continue to do the charts but now the information will be in the HTML files.

I find that the HTML file is a heck of a lot easier to scroll through than the database, you don't have to wait for each new page to load, however you lose the ability to sort on the various columns.

If you all find that it takes excessively long to load the HTML files, let me know and I will break them into smaller chunks.

By all means still send me the data, the more info I get the better the statistics will be. The dates are really important for making the estimates plotted in the charts.
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