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As tbird posted earlier, he has created a registry page. I just compiled a set of data for him to create the full registry. In doing so I noticed that there are quite a few people that I have listed that I do not have either complete VINs or rotation numbers for or both.

I realize that some of the newer additons to the database have not yet arrived and therefore the rotation number is not yet available, however, these are included in the list.

I would appreciate it if everyone would goto Missing Data and check their entry and supply me with the missing data. It would be nice to have the registry as complete as possible.

There are 134 entries in the file so you may have to do some scrolling to find your's. The data is listed in ascending VIN order.

The rotation number can be found on one of the VIN stickers located on all the fenders, both doors, the hood and trunk lid. Most have found the rotation number on the VIN sticker located on the driver side fender in the engine compartment. The rotation number will be a 4 digit number above the VIN.

You can post your finds here or email them to me at the below email address.


Joe O'Donnell
St. Pete, FL
2002 Bird in Hand
Black Premium, Black Top, Black Accent,
Boyd Coddington Blaster Billet Wheels
VIN 102532, Rotation # 2167


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will get you my rotation, what is "check digit"?
That is the digit just after the P60A in the vin. I am not sure how they generate it but it is used to verify the vin is real and not counterfit.

I posted my full vin after getting the car in September, and it was listed on the old BON data string. Perhaps got lost after we moved to this site, or due to my new alias on this site. In any case...

Check #3
Rotation 2296

Thanks for the hard work.

MY vin is 1FAHP60A62Y103847. That would make my check digit a " 6 " not a " 7 " as you have me listed.

Blue/Blue Premium
Full Interior Accent
Production #3944 VIN#103847
" Gotta Love It "
Registered for the site a while back, but don't find my name on your list...??
VIN 1FAHP60A62Y112208

I was not missing any data on your car, that list only included vehicles on which either the full vin (check digit) or the rotation (sequence) number was missing. You are listed in the full database Database Files
Hi Joe.
I see you are missing my "check digit". So my full vin # is 1FAHP60A42Y101532. I also want to thank you for all the work you do computing this information. It is appreciated.
Joe: -- just to throw you off a bit -- My 1429 had an original ETA of 8/16/01 -- Not 10/6/01. Delivery was 10/16, but you may recall, mine was one of those that was recalled to Wixom.

Details, details, details. Thanx, it is now fixed.

All, please keep me honest, I try to get all the data and try to get it entered correctly but I do sometimes screw up (see my post on 1/2 empty, I am now thinking it is I that is 1/2 empty, a brain is a terrible thing to waste).
RTBRD , just keep plugging along, your doing a good job. Hope you are getting paid Union Scale!!!

vin 1FAHP64A42Y100035
rotation 0426

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
I just added a link to the homepage for this. Thanks for emailing me the data.

This is rought right now, I'll work on query pages next week (like seach by name etc)

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