Dashboard carbon fiber appliques

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Aloha to all. I have put this type of applique on past Miatas I have owned and it definitely warmed up the space. Has anyone tried it on the 2002 Tbird???
I'm going to order the standard carbon fiber, but there also is a red/black carbon fiber. I have a red premium with full red option interior. There is also a yellow/black carbon fiber too.Also have Hard top for sale. Black $3000.
KoKo Bird, I have been considering a carbon fiber dash kit as well, but wanted to wait and see if anyone would come out with a brushed stainless steel kit that might be a better match for the existing trim. If you do decide to install it, please post a picture so that we may all see the results.

Good Luck!
Thankyou dac_beth. That sure made my decision a lot easier. The photo was just what I wanted to see and BTW I think the kit looks just great. It doesn't scream at you but it does convey quality and elegance. The owner also restrained on using every piece of the kit it seems and only did the areas that were needed. Bravo. Sorry to have created a new topic when I should have searched a little harder. Aloha.
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