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I do not know when or how but I have noticed some body damage. ****.

Where damaged / what damage ?

On the front grille, more specifically, the housing for the left fog lamp has a 1 inch crack in it. Right in the center of the round housing directly above of the center of the light, a 1 inch vertical seperation right in the center.


How can this be best repaired?

Obviously to the layman(me) it looks as though it can be nudged into place to close the separation. Perhaps, after removing the front (air dam) this repair could be done maybe with some sort adhesive and thus be virtually unnoticeable.

At worst case a new front face. yikes...

The only damage is this little 1 inch vertical line that has been pushed inwards a quarter inch or so on the one side.

What can i do?

If I must get a replacement then does it come in the required color (thunderbird blue) and is it costly, p/n?


p.s., there is no damage to the grill or light or nothing else, only in the center of one of the light housing is a crack...

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Not open for further replies.