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Hello...we are new(bies) to this board. We have a 2002, Torch Red.

Please don't yell if this topic has been discussed before.

I am looking for (custom?) chrome inserts to replace the factory plastic. We would like to keep the look original. Need to know if anyone has a reference to a custom grill manufacturer. I am also looking for chrome inserts for the hood scoop and side vents.

Any help appreciated

Thank you...


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Don't know about grill I haven't seen anything on this but the hood scoop has been covered do a search for Chrome bezel Ford has this part listed as silver you can order from dealer prices listed on this forum have ranged from $70-150.
I to would be interested in a new factory style grill, the first time I saw the new bird I said the grill looks plastic and cheep.

This week's issue of Autoweek has the SEMA T-Birds in it. There was a website in there about customizing Birds. Unfortunately, my wife threw the magazine out. Perhaps someone else can give you the website or pick up the latest edition.
Thanks to everyone for their help!

I am going to Ford today to look into the hood inserts (Hope they are still available...). I will shop dealers from there to see who will offer the best price.

Autoweek...Found the link to the mag. Cannot seem to find anything on the T-Bird though. I will keep searching.

Thank you to everyone who replied!

Sorry about the "sad" smilie at the top. I do not know how that happened. I must have clicked on the wrong one...:)


A friend recently (11-25) bought one for $95.00 at, you may want to try that if your dealer is too high
Thanks for the info George

I contacted my (closest) dealer yesterday, they want 165.00 for the bezel...I also went to the website you mentioned and they charge 129.00?? I will keep looking.
I did get some information from ones parts guy and he said you can get one unpainted for 48.00. I might look into having one chromed.

Thanks to all!
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