Custom Floor Mats for 05 (photos)

Those look great and the hue of the floor mats' red seems to match your interior red.

So you can't have the word "Bird" at all? I would be interested if I were allowed to add "Tom's Bird."


50th anniversary torch red
These are Lloyd’s mat top of the line and they will not allow any world that connects to anniversary or T Bird because Ford took their license away and they are number one for all car floor mats.I could have bought a local cheaper grade and maybe got a local person to stich but figured i wanted nice high quality mats and the special trim to match my interior. You probably can add bird not using Lloyds. I am sure their is a way to get around it using another carpet company.
@FANZ..... I created a cart and it accepted "Tom's Bird". But I don't know if their online cart rejects a personalized emblem that copies any Ford license word. Or whether they contact you later to tell you to use alternate words. I didn't complete the cart, because I have other bird projects prioritized. But I saved the cart, when I'm ready, I'll give it a try. Thanks for share.
Added note: I just tried ordering Lloyd's personalized mats using a Ford license word...."Thunderbird" and "T-Bird," the online cart automatically rejected it. So it does look like the word "Bird" is acceptable.