Custom Color Floor Mats

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I have another project that I am working on to further customize my Thunderbird.

I am working with (also known as Blue Ribbon Motoring in California)

They are in the final stages of development for some new custom designer floor mats for the 2002 Thunderbird. They are creating the logo,as I have supplied all of the pictures to help them design everything and I drew the templates of the mats, based on the size of the mats that come with the car, but slightly wider (because I thought that the mats needed to be wider). My mats will have the silver & blue wing logo in the same location of the optional dealer mats and will be red to match the color of the red/black interior. I think that having the bright red mats on the floor will help continue the "theme" down onto the floor and will brighten the interior even more. I will keep my existing mats for use in rainy weather, etc.

I think that blue or yellow mats to match the interior color would also look GREAT! If your interested in adding those colors, go to their website and send them an e-mail or give them a call (I have been working with a guy named Shane). They have been working on my mats for a few weeks now and Shane knows me very well now. I should have them any day. I'll post pictures of the interior with the red mats when I get them.

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TBird Tim:

I have a set of the BRM floor mats, they are excellent quality.

My only slight quibble with them is that the mat anchors they use are not that great, they're kind of flimsy and I have broken several. You really don't need the anchors so I would pass them up.

I also have a set of Coco mats from - I think they are even better quality than the BRM units but I am not sure how good Coco Mats would look in a TBird.

BTW, thanks for your effort with the decals, I will be ordering a set when I get home from this road trip.

Tom M

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