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Where is the best place to buy a cover for my bird? It will be garaged stored. Thanks in advance.

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Somewhere I read that a cover S1780-99 ($150) was available from the Ford collection this cover supposedly had a Tbird logo on the front. The cover arrived yesterday but the number was S1780-97 and it had a Ford logo. I don't know if it will fit because the car is too dusty to try it on, any suggestions and does anyone know whether it will fit?
Cleaned the Redbird and tried the cover, Dot is right the one I got is the hi-tech (S1780) but it has a 97 suffix instead of the 99. It fits perfectly, and I can live with the Ford logo. My guess is that the suffix designates the logo.
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Have no idea if it would fit.
the numbers I have on my site are:
2W6Z 19A 412 AA ( app. $115) -
2W6Z*19A 412 CA - (app.$150)
in catalog: Cotton - S1781
Hi-Tech - S1780

I recall it being advertised somewhere by Ford that the cover for the Thunderbird has the Thunderbird logo or silhouette on it.

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If you goto Photos in the "Accessor..." file and look at the photo named "Car_Bra" towards the bottom of the page you will see the bra with the TBird logo.

You might also want to try the website for Griott's Garage...we receive their monthly catalogue, and they have several options for some great car covers...everything from wetter climates to UV covers for those of us in the southwest...and they're felt lined to prevent scratching.
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