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It is now 40min. till launch and counting down till Bird TAKE OFF . Lift off was at 4:50pm for a 1/2 hour flight home. Bird Now in nest. Gotta go play. 02 T-Bird
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That's great! And it looks like great weather in this area... so enjoy the first day on the road!

Mine was shipped last week so it should arrive any time now.

I had another false alarm this morning. I went to a local deli and spotted two truckloads of new cars being delivered to my dealer this morning... No Tbirds... just another 15 SUV's... I doubt they will get another truckload today, so I'm hopeful for tomorrow.

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Glad that you are getting your car, if you love yours as much as I do mine you are going to have a great time, good luck with it.

Gobird I was in your area a couple years ago to tour the Sheppard power steering plant in Hanover, Pa. You sure have some beautiful country roads to drive your new bird on after you pick up today.

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