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Jul 15, 2002
I have been having problems with fading of my convertible top. In trying to find a dye to touch it up I cannot determine what the top is made out of. I know it is canvas, however is it a composite or special woven fabric. If anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it or a telephone number at Ford where I may be able to get this info.
Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't mess with it. The car is under warranty. The top fading in a year or less cannot be considered normal wear and tear. Let the dealer fix it. Either they can replace the top with a material that won't fade or they can be out the time & expense to dye it. You paid nearly 40K on this car and should not have to work on it for 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever occurs first.

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Thanks for your reply. My dealship is terrible. I went to the service mgr who went to the factory rep. The rep claims the service mgr said the top is okay. The service mgr claims he told the rep it is not. They would not discuss it together and have not resolved this. I am currently suing the dealer in small claims court to pay the replacement price for the top, $2300. Thanks for you advice anyway.
Call Ford. It may or not help, but they will at least give you the impression that they are serious about resolving the problem. Ford had an "engineer" look at my wind noise problem. I waited nearly three months for the "engineer" to show up. (Slow locomotive?)He assured my dealer that my top was fine, even though you can stick your hand up on the inside of the driver's window and feel the top of the glass, exactly where the wind noise is coming from--something you can't even begin to do on the passenger's side, where there is no wind noise.

The "engineer" then choo-chooed off, having fixed the problem by saying it was not a problem. Lon O'Connell is right, you should not have to worry about things like this on a $40,000 car, but once you buy it, the car is apparently just another Focus so far as Ford is concerned.
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