Convertible/ No Hardtop

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Had a chance to inspect a Black premium that was pulled ahead in production because it did not have the hardtop option.

The hold down holes through the windshield header and the pin receivers in the quarters were there. I had been told by my salesman that he didn't think the cars without hardtops would take a hardtop later without modifications. Wrong.

Those of you who have visited the plant and were told they were all capable of fitting a hardtop were correct. (I was tempted to trust my salesperson since he got #1 of 15 - now I have to go back and correct him).

It's great how we know so much about the new Thunderbirds just be staying tuned, here on the forum.

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The cars are all exactly the same. We were told that on our tour of the plant by 2 different people there. All the hardware is there, and any top will go on any car ... guaranteed!
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