Consumer Report - BUNK!

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I have read the previous posts regarding the Consumer Reports grading of several roadsters. I have not read the specific article, but from comments on this forum, I have no doubt that the report has no understanding of the history, and market to which the tested roadsters are to address. In other words, it appears to me they compare apples to oranges to grapefruits, to tangerines, to lemons!, etc, with no appreciation for the market!

I love my 2002 yellow, white top, full interior T-Bird!! I am so thankful that I get such a special "experience" (which reminds me of earlier days) and gives my wife and I the great satisfaction that we were able to even own such a limited beauty!! Furthermore, altho having to stretch just a bit, we were able to afford this special "reengineered" memory!

I have heard from some who own those more expensive "foreign" items, and I cannot for the life of me justify another $10,000-$20,000 for a "run-of-the-mill" status symbol! So they have a little more horsepower, or a top which recedes below a cover, or a some other trite amenity. As for me and my wife, we relish in our T-bird, and can't wait for the weekend when we spend some real quality time together, reminising, and loving the quality of life our graceful Lord gives us!!

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I have given the matter a lot of thought and I think that there must be a Thunderbird gene. If you have it, you understand what this car is all about. If you don't, I guess you stand around trying to figure out what all the excitement is about. I'm positive that in a few years scientists will isolate this gene and will be able to clone it to be put into those "unfortunates" who don't have it. I usually try to find some humor in most situations but this one is serious. I think we need to start a telethon to raise money to support this cause. And while we're at it they need to find a cure for the dreaded "P60" syndrome. Are you in agreement Joel?

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Marty, you are right. The "P60" syndrome is a plague that has been afflicting humankind for centuries. Many prominent scientists have been studying it and trying to develop an antibody. No less than the Nobel laureate biologist Dr. Friedrich von Woenschleggelschmidt have toiled for decades trying to cure this dreaded malady.

I, in all modesty, believe I have identified the cure for "P60" syndrome. It is called......getting your car!!! Nothing less will work.

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Normally, I'd put a lot of credence in what CReps says, but not this time. Obviously, if you want to know how good the car really is, just ask the person who owns one!!
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