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Man, this car is drawing a lot of attention from bean counters. Besides the Ford phone call and written questionaire, I have now filled out 3 others for consumer organizations. One of them was J.D. Power, but I don't remember the other two.

Are others experiencing this onslaught? They always ask for my phone # and e-mail address in case the "manufacturer" has any follow-up questions. Yeah right, like I want one more telephone solicitor interupting my dinner or to be spammed to death. Put it in a letter and I'll think about it.


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I feel left out, I just got the written questionaire!

I would rate Ford as "moderate" when it comes to surveys, you should see BMW! Their salespersons get paid according to the answers you give on the questionaires. As a result some saleman put pressure on the consumer to give them an "excellent".

My favorite was time I got the oil changed in my Honda. The follow up survey was like 10 minutes long. "Would you say the manner in which your service was performed was excellent, good, fair, below average or poor?" "Lady they just changed the oil!!"

Tom M
I too have received three questionaires dealing with the Tbird, the third arrived yesterday. I have not yet read it, just glanced over it.

I have also received two or three addressing the dealer where I purchased the car and the dealer where I have the service done.

The three for the Bird all had a crisp new one dollar bill included. Seeing as it takes about 15 minutes to fill one out, Ford is paying you $4/hr. for your time.
i received a quick questionnaire from my dealer and what i consider a somewhat lengthy one from some marketing company with a dollar in it.

they say "you can help improve vehicles in the future."

the truth is that i object to a lenghthy questionnaire and getting a buck for it. they are getting paid PLENTY for getting this information. additionally, i have a friend who used to get $75-125 CASH for similar market research studies that took no longer than 2 hours of his time.

so, that's my $5 worth.
My latest one was from Auto Pacific, Inc from North Palm Beach. !!!! Now I only have to fill out 39,993 pay for the car. P.S. No $1.oo in ths survey.
like Jodrod, I too have received 3 questionaires with the last one coming in yesterday. They all have had crisp new one dollar bills in them. Apparently they are reporting to Ford as they called last Monday and spoke to my wife for 45 minutes about some items I had mentioned on the last one. Told my wife to expect a call from Ford within a week to 2 weeks to discuss these items on the questionaire.

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wpnm, I've had mine three weeks now and I haven't gotten any eather. It may take up to a month before this starts to happen.

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I've had my car since Nov 9th - just got a couple of them in the last 2 weeks. Got the Ford one early on - just don't remember when. The other came sometime in late December or early January. At least two of them had a buck in them. My theory is that, they aren't paying you to do it, they are giving you a reason to feel guilty if you don't.


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I have seen two calls on my caller ID from Ford Motor Corp, but they always call during the day when I'm at work. I would love to talk to them...does anyone know how I could have them call me at work?
The girl who called me was bon contributor
GThang., She left me a number to call back
if any problems came up. You might try
1-800-392-3673 or her direct line in Wixom
is 248-596-7497. Hope this will get you
in contact with them.
Thanks so much for the info, Ron! (I just love this unlimited source of information.) As they never left a message and I remember reading a while back that they might not have time for 2nd attempts, I was afraid I would miss out on the chance to give them my feedback.
Hello everyone

In response to my friend ronbon posting my phone number here in Wixom.

We do not have a way to pull up your VIN and record any comments that you have to offer. We must wait until the computer generates, or regenerates your VIN, then we make the call. So, where as I would love to talk to all of you, calling me will not get you anything but a smile and a promise to call you when your VIN comes up.

If you have a concern, and need assistance in getting it resolved with a dealership, you can call the Customer Relationship Center number, which is the 1-800 ronbon provided.

On a ligher note, just so you know that what you tell Lady T and myself does not fall on deaf ears, they have made some design improvements based upon your feed back. They have added heated seats to the 2003 model, as well as improving the sun visors. These are just two of the suggestions that we get for improvements to the vehicle that the engineers heeded to and changed.

Luv Ya

Got a 4th survey this last week. This one was from AutoPacific. No dollar this time but a chance to win $10,000 cash.

G-thang, thanks for the info. Hope those up graded visors will retrofit to the 2002 model.


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I don't know see a logical reason why the new visors will not be able to replace the current ones. They are not changing the style of them, just the material and quality of how they are manufactured.

I also don't know whether the module for the heated seats can be added to the climate control system for the '02 model. But as engineers pass down information, I pass down to you what I am told.
g-Thanks g-Thang! My wife and I had a great time pointing out the few flaws and design ideas we've noted in our first month of blissful Tbird ownership. Hope you were able to finish typing it all up and get home before Monday starts it all over again! We were impressed that Ford is not just listening but is eagerly listening. We've owned Fords for a long time but this is the best owner experience ever. Keep up the good work.
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