Concerns that should be aired

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This may do some good, or it may not-but it's worth a try-

For anyone that has specific or general concerns about the level of customer service, send those concerns to me in an email. I'll be over in Dearborn next week, meeting with a number of people at Ford, including the mid and upper-level management concerned with CS. I'll pass on the concerns that people have, and just maybe they might listen then.

There are a lot of little issues that I see cropping up on the forum, and the only folks that are really paying attention to what we have to say seems to be the folks that actually assemble the cars.

It's my belief that if one person can present the concerns, face to face, in writing, we may be able to get Ford to listen to our concerns, and effect changes to correct the problems.

Like I said-I don't know if it will do any good or not, but at least I'll give it a try.

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I will send you email regarding my concerns previously posted and issues of our little bird club with regard to service from the Ford Collection Catalog.

You may also want to take a copy of the emails with you to the plant. Many of the little issues can be dealt with at the plant level- its just that mangement needs to know just what those issues are.

The warranty data that we get in the plant isn't very specific. Actual emails would provide much more detail.
WixomPooh I havent mentioned this before. BUT, I think someone was in a hurry when my hard top was put on and it was also not caught by the dealer during there check out. One of the two bolts/screws that hold the front of the top on was cross threaded when instaled. I had checked screws and they were tight, but looking at the area where they go together, there was a gap on the one side and it was tight on the other. I did fix this myself, when taking the top off to check for water leaks, and found non. But now the screw does not have the black coating on it, casue I had to run it in a die to clean it. talked to the service guy and he said he will try to replace just the bold when I take my top off for the spring (soon I hope). Looked in the parts catalog and it only comes as an assembly ($145). I just worry about rust down the road on the uncoated bolt. I guess the only solution, is that some one needs to look at the connection area and make sure there is no gap there once the top is installed. Love the car and everything else is great. John

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