Comments like this from salesmen Grrrrrrr

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Was having my truck serviced so was walking
around killing time, got into a conversation
with a salesman.

He just came over from a Ford dealership on
the West side of Town. So our topic switched
to T-Birds. Told me in 01 when really
started taking orders people would come in
an put down a deposit. They were laughing
at then in meeting since many thought were
getting the car at List. Said when cars
came were going to tack on 8,000 over,
if they balked, take it or leave it.

From what have seen on BON in beginning
this was a nationwide game.

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whvt01. Well there are good dealers and then there are the A-- Holes. I was luckey with MY dealer. They told me MSRP and the stuck with that. Beasley Ford in York Pa. My salesman was the best, Linnie E. Hengst. He put up with me for a year of asking questions but then because of our little group here I kept him more informed of what was happening then Ford did.

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Gobird - We know from some posts that
good guys exist out there. Wish could have
added with the one Mother ordered with.

But this guys comment that was going to pull
it on the customer when calling to say the
car was in.

He seemed to know something about our
dealership. After told him had a signed
purchase order with price. Said that's why
have been bumped to end behind all the
customer willing to pay over MSRP. Maybe
they have regional meetings or conferences
because seemed to know what all are up too.
A good dealer recognizes that getting a few extra grand for a car in the long run can cost them.

My dealer told me a story about calling a customer who had ordered the bird telling them they had to adjust the price.

After the customer went ballistic, they told him they didn't feel right about charging OVER list and wanted to reduce it to MSRP!

He sent them flowers and a fruit basket!
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