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Finally, after 326 days from the day of our first listed delivery I have finally seen all 5 colors. Just spotted a yellow Bird driving past my place of employment. And this is in an area where there should be at least 100 Birds on the road.

Joe, even thou I know where you live you must live a sheltered life. Join a T-Bird Club and get with it. I must confess that I haven't seen a white one yet. But I think I will in Destin if not before.

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I've seen all the colors & am working on the color combos - have seen red/white and blue/white (of course)- saw yellow/white on the mystery drive but does that count?? Have not seen any color with the black hardtop yet except in pictures.

Driving around here, I've seen yellow, red, and black on the road - not associated with any of the events we've had in the area. Of course, our blue has been on the road for no other reason that to drive around. Have yet to see a white out on it's own but have seen white several times at gatherings or our classic tbird meetings.

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On our first club meeting, "High Plains Thunderbirds" we had five 2002 Thunderbirds plus nine other years. What were the odds that with five 2002's we would have one of each color white, black,yellow, blue, & red. I thought the odds of that were pretty rare. It was the first time I had seen all five colors at one time.

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I am attempting to round up 4 other cars (White, Yellow, Black & Red) (I have a Blue).

I want to do a photo session in the Montreal area.

Unfortunately, I have had miserable luck in even spotting a single bird on the road.

From comments I have had in my area, I seem to be the only one driving around with a Tbird.

Here in central Texas, I have seen at least one of every color "in the wild". One thing of note is that every one I have seen with the hard top on has been a matching color. Yellow is the only color I have not seen with a hard top (except at a car show). Also, the white birds I have seen had hard tops on and all black interiors.

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At the Georgia rally there were all the (solid) colors, including a couple of NM's. I notice on one of our drives together the first 5 cars were one each of the 5 colors, and I think it wasn't planned. Must not have been, my white was one of them and I sure didn't plan it.

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