Coke carrier with "55" and "57" tbirds

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In Minnesota there was a gas station chain that had a semi truck toy with two tbirds in the back for $15 I bought one.

Yesterday I noticed that things were not right, The car they are calling the 57 has a contential kit on it. (there was no such thing was there). The car they are calling the 55 had the air vents on the side. Also not correct.

Am I all wet or did they make two major mistakes on this promo?

To me the 57 is actually a 56, and the 55 is a 57.

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I have the set your are referring to but ???air vents on the sides of the '55 model?? - mine does not have them - car looks basically correct except for the windwings which get put on every '55 thunderbird the toy manufacturers make. If you can scan the sides of your model for me, please do, as I look for oddities like that.

As for the kit on the '57, that was an aftermarket item for the cars in '57 and toy manufacturers LOVE to put those on the '57 and foreign markets love to find them on the '57 for some reason.

It's hard to find a '57 toy t'bird without the kit if it was made after the late 70's due in large part to the Vega$ TV show from that time period. Remember that the star of the show drove a red '57 with a continental kit.

The '57 continental kit is placed on what is called an extended bumper; the '56 continental kit is on a body-hugging wrap-around bumper which looks a whole lot better on the car.

I do have a page on the web for distinguishing the different years of the actual cars.

Got to thinking, were you referring to the "hashmarks"?? on the '55 - Those are standard on all 3 years. The air vent doors are low on the front fenders, just in front of the doors of the 56 and the 57.
Hey thanks for clarifing this all for me. Nice site too!

Feel better now!

Personally I do not care for the kit look.
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