Club Liability

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A question came up at a meeting.

If the club is on a run and member due to
reckless driving is in an accident and
maybe even kills another driver. Could a
good lawyer come after club members as
individuals. Not just one attending the
event but other members of the club as a
Personal property is pretty specific, the owner is liable and perhaps the Manufacturer in some cases.
You do not have to worry about good lawyers, you have to worry about bad lawyers. Those idiots are the ones that cost decent folk money.

A good lawyer, myself included, would look for an insurance policy rather than individuals. Any decent club should make sure you have some umbrella coverage or makes ure your members have a minimum coverage.

I am certain that those organizations involved in these rides can direct you where to get the policies and how much they cost.

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It's like rt2esq said, the big fear is that a bad lawyer could come after you.

I'm an officer of the Z3 Car Club of America, and we are looking at getting an insurance policy to cover exactly the circumstances you're talking about. Plus I have a personal umbrella policy.

So basically I'm insured twice against being sued by someone I've never met, participating in an event I know nothing about, who does something dumb and probably illegal on a road I've never seen, and hurts themself or someone else. What a country!

Oh, also you probably want to insist on a signed waiver from all drivers stating that they are responsible for their own behavior and that all participants in your events must obey all traffic laws.

The real problem with all of the above measures is that they will not prevent someone from suing you. Ever been sued? Take my word for it, it's no fun. Even when it's a slam dunk, you HAVE to be kidding, get this out of my court & stop wasting my time lead pipe cinch it will STILL ruin your life for a while.

Can you tell I'm bitter?

Tom M
I'm trying to get our activities director
to make this a topic for one of our

The club does not have any type of insurance
according to her.

I thought about that waiver idea but
didn't know if it would take.

I used the wrong term on lawyers, good
should have been bad or ones that just
wants to bring down everyone even ones
that are not involved.

Many may not realize it could cost them
hundreds to just say "hey I have nothing
to do with this"

What brought this up - Some of the members
want to have a run where they see how
fast they can get to one point and back.
Using public roads - crazy.
Doing something stupid like that will certainly be cause for legal action. Don't let the club have anything to do with that .. ANYTHING! That includes e-mail, discussions etc. If they privately want to have a "cannonball run", let them, but stay away.
I think it's time to join another club! David A. is correct. Try looking for a club where the majority of its' members don't have acne.

Just what are your club members smoking.
I quite doing this sort of thing when I was about 25 yrs. old. Seems someone is asking for trouble. I guess they will also have a keg party too before the run! Hay, what's a little grass and a lot of suds. Just invite the State Police while they are at it. At least they won't get out of the parking lot.

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No kidding you guys

The ones promoting this idea are in
there 50's and 60's.

Its crazy.

Its causing a split in the club, ones
that want to have a fun afternoon driving
their cars and the "Bat out of H*** group"
Hate to say it but maybe they are over medicated. Think they need a reality check. They have gone off the DEEP END.

Let the Bat out of He!! group do their thing and the rest just go for a nice drive.

02 T-Bird 9293
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
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This was one run I went on with the

We left San Antonio to do a weekend in
Clearlake/Nasa south of Houston. They
plotted all these back roads rather
than use interstate 10. After a while
some of us were lost so it became keep
a car site in front of you. Do they slow
for ones stuck at lights - no -. Yeah
they gave what they called directions.

At one point I was running 130 just trying
to keep up. Stupid I should have just
hunt and pecked my way there. They were
some upset people. Most like me don't go
much anymore. Some of these guys have their
vettes so highly modified its unreal.

What I do now is find out where they are
going, the time, and meet at the place. The
people are nice, enjoy talking with them,
it's just there driving.
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