Cleaning of lower inside portion of doors?

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Has anyone else had trouble keeping these areas clean ( moulded plastic magazine pouch)? On both doors, I have a white film/ residue that almost looks like soap scum. It just wont clean off. I have tried my zaino's plastic cleaner but no luck. It disappears while the area is wet , but reappears as the cleaner drys/evaporates or is wiped off. I've thought of trying 409 or fantastic but I'm afraid that they might be too harsh. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Blue/Blue Premium
Full Interior Accent
Production #3944 VIN#103847
" Gotta Love It "
TX Lic# " BLUBRD "


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I too had problems with scuff marks that wouldn't go away, but I used the 303 protectant on the trim, and they look a whole lot better now. Give it a try.

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