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Can anyone tell me where I can find the chrome bezel for a reasonable price. Had seen earlier postings for about $70.00. Would like to order one at that price if I could call. Stopped at my local Ford garage today and they looked it up in their parts book.......told me $140.00?? After seeing prices quoted at 70, the 140 sure sounds high?

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Call Fuller Ford at 1-888-893-7505, ext. 6 and ask for Rick. I got mine there and it was $70 plus shipping.
Thanks much Red T-Bird, I'll give Rick at Fuller a call first thing in the AM. Just hope I can get it at a reasonable price, I can deal with 70 much more than 140.
I ordered the bezel on Tuesday from Fuller...the price is $122. Yes, it's more than $65-$70, but not as bad as the $163 that another dealer in GA quoted...

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The bezel is just for looks... it came with the Neiman Marcus birds, but there are others of us who like the look enough to add it to ours too :).

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I just called Fuller Ford 1 888 893 7505 and talked to Ron , he is sending me the Chrome Bezel for $100 and the Tbird floor mats for $45 plus shipping, ya better hurry, my local dealership wanted $163 for the Bezel and $55 for the floor appears Fuller Ford cares about our business.

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