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May 20, 2002
What is the best way to replace the existing bezel with the chrome? Now I know the obvious answer is to take it to the dealership, but have any of you done it yourselves? Thanks again to Gobird for the Fuller Ford tip...the new mats are great!

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Remove carefully the underhood sound deadening material, then you will see the scoop which is held in by clips. Carefully using a pair of pliers squeeze the clips and the old bezel will pop right out then just push the chrome one in and re clip up the material
Redbirdsal, JRL is correct. At the North Jersey Thunderbird SHow I helped someone put it on their car. It took all of about 10 Mins. (I had done mine, so I had some experence) But you should take your time, it's very easy.

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What JRL said is correct. He did not mention that the sound deadening is held in place by about ten "buttons" that all you have to do is work your fingers under and just pull out. Once you lower the deadening barrier you then have access to the back of the bezel. I did mine by myself in about ten minutes and me and joelja did his in about the same time. It's really a simple operation.

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