"Chick" Magnet or "Dude" Magnet??

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Having been on these Thunderbird boards since last March, I remember a long-running argument in which someone suggested that the T-Bird is only for "chicks," and then a full-out war of words ensued. I just wanted to note that on my Route 66 trip last month, I noted that an equal number of men and women seemed to stare at the car, and that surprisingly, the longest looks I got were from TEENAGE BOYS!!! (And believe me, I don't think they were looking at my 40-something self.) Even little children would wave and follow me around. So it seems that this car appeals to all ages and sexes equally. Has anyone else had any observations?

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As a 36 year old single... I'm hoping women not only look at the car, but the classy guy who drives it.

To me there is no difference between a Chick Magnet and a Dude magnet. If a guy drives it and other guys look at it... they're just thinking about getting one to attrack chicks too.

I guess you can just call it a "People Magnet"

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Doesn't matter if it is a chick or dud magnet, it IS THE COOLEST CAR ON THE ROAD RIGHT NOW.

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I would agree with the "People Magnet" comment. Soon after I got my car, I received "thumbs up" from 2 kids on a school bus, and about 3 blocks later, another "thumbs up" from an elderly woman on an assisted-living-center bus. I had a great day, and I was all smiles. I love this car.
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One sunny day on the way to work, not only were young and old taking a long look at the Bird, even a very young 2 year old in a car seat did a turn around second-look at this Award Winning Car!

The guys at the Firestation laughed at that one, some suggested Ford should use that story in a commercial.

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I agree with Paula as everyone looks at the tbird in different ways but the best way I can describe the reaction of people after driving zooomy tbird for a month is that it makes a lot of people smile. And a smile is worth a thousand words.
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