Chicago Auto Show

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Well, folks-John McCarthy and I attended the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview yesterday, and we attended the Ford SVT press conference. We had great seats for the rollout of the 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra, and we got close to the 2003 Thunderbird Sports Roadster.

Still no confirmation from Ford on the new colors for the Thunderbird-I was able to sneak in the question on a couple of occasions, and no one would say what they were. Looks like we'll just have to wait until they are produced.

I'll post pics of the new products we saw, and some incredible photos of the new Stang, when they are developed later today.

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very cool. i went once to a press preview - so much better.

so, the sports roadster is a definite go?!?!? wow!

these are just my guesses, but i'm thinking 2003 will bring a silver color - and maybe a salmon or maybe a "dusk rose".

it'd also be great if they go with the saddle-colored interior like the pebble beach concept car.

what about the white? seems like it's been one of the slower colors. think they'll get rid of that?
In regards to the possible coral color, I went to the NY Toy Fair this past Sunday and found something very interesting out. It seems in the new James Bond movie coming this summer, not only will it feature the new Aston Martin Vanquish (driven by Bond of course) and a Jaguar XKR roadster (driven by the nemesis) BUT the Bond girl will be driving a 2002 Thunderbird in Coral with white interior!! They even had prototypes of the model car toys. Hopefully Ford will produce a limited run at least, if not offer it in 2003.
It was neat reading the article - feeling proud about the Bird's COTY award......... but then I saw that the '02 Buick Rendezvous got SUV of the year??? I think the guys at emotion should have quit while they were ahead.
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