Chamois SNAFU

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I must begin by saying this is my first convertible. I washed my Bird today with the soft top up and dried the entire car off with a chamois. DON'T dry the soft top with left yellowish residue all over the soft top, and I had to re-rinse the top to get it off. Is there any solution other than letting the soft top air dry?

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i have used my natural chamois since my car was new in January. never had it leave any residue on the top or any where else. (my chamois is at least ten years old) You also might try a water blade, which I dount like, or a dark towel. if you use a towel, I sugest using a dark color, cause it will leave lint, and if it is dark enough, you wont see it.
I use a synthetic microfiber "chamois" that I got from Griots Garage. I was kind of skeptical about the claims in the ad, but it really works unbelievably well. Just lay it flat on the top, peel it off, and that section of the top is now touch dry, and air-dries completely in about 5 mins. Works well on the paint as well.
Like Writer, I am also using the micro-fiber chamois from Griot's and have not had any problems drying the soft top with it. I have found their products to be impecable.

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The artificial chamois works for me, too, both on the paint and the top.

I found out the hard way not to use my sheepskin mitt. I only used it about 5 times to wash the car, and that ONE time too many saw it start to literally come apart---was leaving fibers on everything. Fortunately, I noticed it on the painted surfaces before washing the top!!
for future reference, i did something also to fuzz my top (forgot what it was), but one of those clothing lint brushes (looks like masking tape on a roller) works really well to remove it.
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