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Yep, and I got a balnace control problem too, told my dealer and they are going to swap it out no questions asked as so as they can get a relpacement in.
My dealer warned me at delivery time not to use home made CDs from my computer in the bird's player as they will double up in the player and not eject.
My CD is full (6) of CD's I made at home. I have not had any problems with them in this car or my Grand Cherokee or my Gold Wing. As long as they are properly "finalized" and clean they should play just like any store bought CD.
Won't get the Bird till this afternoon but I have used CD's I've made on my pc in my MGB and have had NO problem with them.

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Once again we have a salesperson who doesnt know anything about nothing. A CD made at home will work fine, but make sure to use good blank CD's. There is a surplus of bad blank CD's in the pipeline as they try to increase the write speed (currently maxed at 40 (plextor). Buy CD media with at least 24X. A poor cd can explode in a player or computer as it spins if it is cracked, so whatch for those cracks.
Maybe the dealer was worried about someone using homemade CD's that have the paper adhesive labels that you can print on a computer and stick to the CD's. I could see where that could separate and cause quite a mess in the CD player.

I have LOTS of CDR's that I use in my car CD players and have had no problems. I always just write the name on the CD with a permanent marker, instead of using the adhesive labels though.
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