Cars with white tops

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I don't remember where I saw it but Dot asked if I could give a count of the cars I have listed with white tops (excluding white cars).

The counts are:

Black: 7
Blue: 23
Red: 14
Yellow: 11

I now have 1,082 cars listed.
Thanks for the data! Knew you could do it. Looks like an exclusive club to me.

Dot, blu/wht/full blu #18/26 - VIN# countdown = 19005! build day May 20 = the New T-bird
If I take my numbers as representative of the entire population then the numbers work out to the following with white tops:

Black 161
Blue 530
Red 323
Yellow 254

Total 1268
Next question. Now that the white tops have their own stats, how about those that got black hardtops for their cars? (excluding the black cars, of course)
Jeez Dot, you can sure come up with bizarre things for Joe to do............
See what I have to live with??? Actually, as long as I don't turn off the computer, she leaves me alone.
Cars with black tops (excluding black cars)

Listed in database:

Blue 6
Red 10
White 5
Yellow 5

Total population:

Blue 138
Red 231
White 115
Yellow 115

Total 600
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