Cargo RetentionNet

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Actually there are two nets in the bag, SMALL and SMALLER. The largest wouldn't hold a small grocery bag and keep it from spilling. It mounts on the furthest apart fastners which hold the little cubby hole frame in the trunk. You have to pull the fastners then pull the cubby hole out to install the mounts for the net.

The smallest of the nets mounts on the right hand side of the rear of the trunk, to the right of the trunk latch. You must remove the two upper fastners which hold the panel in place to install the pieces which hold the net. Bad design because the panel which is held by the furthest right fastner will not stay in place with the original fastner removed.

Unless you need a net to hold some very small pieces suspended in your trunk, don't bother with this usless and poor designed net system. /ubb/smilies/cussing.gif

Dennis Crago

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Returned the net to the dealer for a refund but also logged a complaint through my Ford. Received a telephone call today from Ford to let me know that they had the negative feedback on the net system, were logging it as poor design and no practical use, and wanted to know if I had any problems with the Bird and how I was enjoying it.

It is at least an effort torward good customer relations

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