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We went to the Baltimore Car Show last night. Only one TBird on display, on round table. Red premium, black interior. Spokesperson was well informed, even seemed honestly interested in the car. Appreciated the input of my wife & I when she learned that we owned one. But we were very surprised that there was absolutely no mention of the Car of The Year award. Chevy had recognition prominently displayed for both of it's winners. Then again, unlike Ford with the TBird, Chevy has competition for their winners. I would think that Ford would be playing this to the hilt, especiallty since they have won this honor more than any other marque (4 times).

What has been the experience of you folks who have been to other car shows? Any COTY recognition? I would think that at least the "big" shows would have it-Detroit, LA & Chicago. And, for you memorabilia buffs, there is a new TBird brochure for the car show circuit. It is a rather simple 4 pager, but at least there is a separate Bird brochure.


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I was thinking the same thing - Ford is going no where with this car of the year designation. Every magazine I pick up has ads for the Avalanche with the TOTY award all over them. I just got the latest Motor Trend today - no ad, no mention, same with other magazines. This year's birds are basically sold out, so you could argue that Ford doesn't have to promote them that hard. They should be keeping the hype going in my opinion because they have 25K more to sell next year and so on.

Oh well, Ford never has been known for their marketing genius - the trend continues. Don't get me wrong I own 4 Fords and will probably own more in the future - I just wish they knew how to promote their successes, besides trucks and Mustangs, better.


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The CATA show had the COTY prominently displayed in a glass case, along with other Thunderbird memorabilia, next to a line-up of all 5 colors, and the new Roadster.

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Cars with shall I say "dramatic style" promote themselves.The T-Bird is well known already and requires no additional promotions...the COTY is just icing on the cake for them.The same was true for the PT Cruiser last year with it's COTY....Chrysler has barely advertised the PT in it's 2 year run because they haven't had be it with the T-Bird for Ford.

The Car of the Year award was displayed in Detroit next to the "Thunderbird Custom", as they call it. I for one was disappointed that was the only TBird there. In my opinion, the gun metal gray does nothing for the car, the saddle interior is unattractive (especially with gray), and those rims are awful. Not a good representation of the Car of the Year. But that's just my opinion obviously since most of you like it.

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