Car Dealer List- Selling TBird's at MSRP

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I think that it would be good to start a list of dealers and the cities where they are located that are selling the Thunderbird at MSRP. That way, we could know the preferred dealerships in our individual locations for which to do business.

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Good Idea, but there's no telling what the sale price will be to everyone. Remember, buying a car is a negotiation. I know one of the dealers I bought from is now charging well over MSRP. I'm locked in, on the one I havent received yet but he's not happy about it.

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Good idea although it might be a little late for people that bought this year. But good for next year. My dealer sold all their 12 Birds for MSRP. Dealer is BEASLEY FORD in York Pa.

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The only dealer in South Florida that is selling their 'birds at MSRP is Sawgrass Ford. Get this...all 88 of them! I was told by the South Florida district sales manager that they're getting the most Thunderbirds in the country. And yes, they're sold out. Other dealers in the area range from 2K to 10K over.
Don Davis Ford in Arlington, TX sold their TBirds at MSRP. I bought one and I live in NC.

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A month or so ago, the salesman at Capital Ford in Raleigh reported to me that all their allotment would be sold at MRSP.

Not so at Crossroads in Cary. They are trying to get 10K over.

I'm getting mine from Bilton Ford in St. George, SC. We haven't settled on a price yet, since it will be a 2003.
Notice that not ONE dealer mentioned here is located in California? I was so furious when I was doing my research earlier this year and couldn't find a single California dealer charging less than $10,000 over sticker. That's why I originally decided to buy my car in Kentucky.

I'd be really curious to hear from any Californian who may have found a non-gouging dealer.

And maybe this serves me right for living in such an expensive state. If my parents didn't live here I'd seriously consider moving, even though California can be so gorgeous.
I think the Bird market in the north isn't as strong as in the south and far west. Dealers in Minneapolis/St.Paul have units at $5000 over MSRP and sales are VERY,VERY, slow.

While most ford dealers here in San Diego have only been given an allotment of 6 to 10 cars and are all selling them at around 50k, Mossy Ford has an allotment of 52 and is selling them all at MSRP. My dealer is very nice and has always returned my phone calls. I have a friend that has bought 7 cars from him. I feel very lucky to have but down a $500 deposit with them back in 11/00. Maybe next year they will get a higher allotment while all of the other evil dealers will get less.
As far as moving away from Ca. I had a convertable when I lived in the Midwest and it seemed like it was always to hot and humid or to cold and rainy to have the top down. My cars would also always get hail damage when they were only a few months old. I love it here.

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Paula, you already know my story, but for everyone else - I had the same experience of not being able to find a CA dealer under $10K over. There were several who wanted +$15K and one who told me "the bidding starts at $60K"! I didn't extend my search as far south as San Diego [darn]. I think they're starting to get worried, though. I recently got this email from a dealer in Novato who is trying to convince me that $9K over is the best price I'll find and I'd really be better off with black than blue.
Did you actually FIND an available Thunderbird, at any price? I've heard all
sorts of promises being made, but no actual deliveries of these "fantasy-priced"

Our dealer polling indicates we are priced less than those dealers who are
actually delivering cars for the fair market value.

Nothing looks better than black on this model Thunderbird! The chromed accents
seem to get lost on the lighter colors, and the chrome is an integral part of
the overall design's aesthetics.

Let me know if you'll reconsider. The car is here and available.

I had to pay $3K over to a NJ dealer, but I figured it was worth it since he included the cost of drop shipping and dealer prep, and he moved me as high on his queue as he could. BTW, I really enjoyed your travelogue (as did everyone). It gave me some ideas for things to try next year.
Mike Fitzpatrick Ford/Lincoln/Mercury in Newnan, GA sold allotment of 7 at MSRP. Team Ford of Marietta, GA sold all "pre-ordered" t-birds for $5k over MSRP...if you walked in off the street and ordered one, not sure what the mark up was, but I'm sure it was substantial.

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El Cajon Ford in San Diego still has a few of their 19 allotment available. Now selling them at $2,500 over MSRP. Jacked up from $1,200 over. If anyone goes there talk to Michael Mc Cracken. Tell him that the guy who hits dogs with his T Bird sent you.
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