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Are any of you familiar with a car with the name of Panoz? Has Cobra brake/pads and Rausch wheels I think.
Saw it in a VW/AUDI dealer showroom, and it was yellow. Beautiful.
Any ideas? Joy

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Yes, Panoz is a limited production sports car made in, I think, Flowery Branch or Braselton Georgia....near Road Atlanta. They probably have a web site, although I do not know for sure. Hope that helps.

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They are made by the same people that own Road Atlanta in GA, Mossport in Ontario and Sebring, in Florida. They also run a driving school among other race related things. There are 2 different styles of cars, both of them using Ford running gear.
The July 2001 issue of Car and Driver - which issue also featured a test of a Blue T-Bird - did a 3 car comparison of the Panoz Esperante, Jaguar XKR, and Porsche 911. (They gave the nod to the Porsche.)

The Panoz is based on Mustang mechanicals. It is a nice looking car, but something about the collection of Mustang parts on the interior and the center-bezel instrument panel gives it somewhat of a kit car feel.
(Funny, the collection of Lincoln parts on the interior of the T-Bird doesn't bother me.) Plus, it's about $80,000.00.
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