Can anybody help me with a problem on a 1992 super coupe thunderbird?????

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I have a 1992 super coupe thunderbird and i need a little help. I don't know if this is were i should post it or not but if anybody has any other place for older thunderbirds let me know of where to post at. My vents don't work anymore on my super coupe you press the vent from the confort control and it sends all the air to the defrost and i don't know if this is something anybody can help me with or if somebody could point me in the direction to get this fixed. Anything would help me out on this thanks in advance for anybody that can help me.

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If your lucky it is just a vacuum hose that has fallen off the control head or has gotten a crack in it. The defroster vents are the default mode when something goes wrong. Vacuum system is the first place I would look.

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If you are still having problems, you
might want to look at
That forum covers every group of TBirds
that have been produced since the Early

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here is a list of SC tbird forums. <- My ford forum <- Super Coupe Club of America, best place for SC's <- just a bunch of SC lovers that like to have fun. <- lots of indepth info on the MN12(89-97 tbird cougar and 93-98 mark viii)

http://www.********* <- thunderbird cougar club of america tbird/cougar/mark from 83+ <- another MN12 club. <- Chicagoland Thunderbirds, good source of info on all birds 55-03 <- ****, good source for info on all birds 55-03

If that aint enough i have more.

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