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Au Revoir
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Dec 6, 2001
Since so many of us Californians allegedly have the new Bird, I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us are on this Board (it's time to come out). So here goes....

2. Triple Black #748
3. Los Angeles, California
4. Participant--Cal Cruise I (Claim to Fame)

Now, who else is out there?????

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A Northern Californian here:

2-Yellow/Yellow/Full Accent
3- San Jose, CA
4- Retired at 57 (Claim to Fame)

Note my car was delivered 1/19/02, since then I have only seen 3 on the road. I did participate in the Mystery Drive at Pt Reyes so I saw all 5 colors there.
Unless joelja has some nasty revenge in store, I guess you can include me.

1. tr cruiser
2. Blue/Blue/Full Blue Premium - #7420
3. Ed Wood City, California
4. made April Fool's quota by noon (Claim to Fame)
1. Howlee
2. Blue/Blue Full Accent and love it
3. Healdsburg
4. Retired at 55
5. Participent of Santa Barbara Cruise I
6. Getting set up for the Thunder on 66

that was a good one TR, i was laughing before joelja had a chance to to give you an answer. it was a sort of mean, but funny, being it is April 1st. john

Blue/Blue Prem. w/full accent
In my Garage as of 1/25 #6333 LIC: BLU TB
Hi Gals/Guys:
Here’s my data - -
1. Blueoil1
2. Triple Black # 1760(black accent), delivered 10/21/01
3. San Diego
4. Retired US Army (1990), now work for an R&D Corporation
I hope to drive up to LA for the Thunder on 66 get together.

Triple Black
1. pbocciardi
2. yellow/yellow/full accent, #4222
3. San Francisco
4. Been with the forum since March 2001; got dealer's #1 of 4 on 11/14/01
5. Already thundered down Route 66 last November
6. Unfortunately NOT retired!
1. yello7530
2. yellow/yellow-full accent
3. Bermuda dunes, Ca.(Southern, I think)
4. we were at Ca. Cruise I
5. must be only golfers in U.S. with 02 t-bird
From the sunny San Joaquin Valley in Central California:

1. SugarDaddy
2. Twin to RT2ESQ?s Triple Black with full accent - VIN 106831 (picked up 1/15/02)
3. Fresno, California
4. Participant--California Cruise I to Santa Barbara
5. Still working to pay for all this FUN, FUN, FUN till SugarDaddy takes the T-Bird away from Wife!
6. Cruising with the soft-top down since Feb. 23, and lovin? it!

Gerry & Kim's
Triple Black Premium
1. ronj - Ron & Kathy J
2. Red with White Top
3. San Luis Obispo, California
4. Participant--Cal Cruise I
5. Participant--Ford TBird Mkt (Side by Side, April 2001, TBird, Benz CLK430 and BMW 330CI). You know which we bought!
6. Anxiously awaiting Cal Cruise II, (if we don't do Napa, I'll invite everyone to SLO!)
Gee, I've never heard of you folks!! Are you sure you all from CA? Nice to see Blue Oil, Greyfox and pbo in the bunch.

Triple Black #748
OK, here's my addition:

1. jeliotb
2. white/white/black accent, #7919
3. Irvine, CA
4. Only 25 (does that make me the youngest person here? I think I remember seeing one person younger...)
1. K6RU: Chuck and Mary
2. White/White/Black Standard picked up 4/5/02
3. San Marcos (commuting to Phoenix for a while)
4. Retirement is in sight.
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