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Jan 15, 2002

Picked up the 'Bird a little early Friday afternoon (3PM), and at present have about 125 miles on it (Tuesday morning).

Most of you may already know I traded in an '02 SLK32 AMG for's my initial observations:

1. The BIRD is MUCH better than even I anticipated...the ride is superior, the transmission smoother and the seats more comfortable (but I stated this on an earlier post of 'Benz or Bird').

2. My wife and I took off the top and rode 'topless' the weekend, putting it back on last night before I came to work this AM (work 4-10's). I used the polish to first polish the areas where the top came in contact with the body surface...after seeing posts, I wanted to protect it as much as possible.
I found the top easier to deal with than I thought it would wife found it harder. I'm still going to look into having an E-Z Top Remover installed in the garage.

3. I accidentally left the interior lights on the first night after spending time inside the 'Bird to learn her afternoon at 1 PM she started right problems with the battery at all.

4. Had several folks already give me a hard time for trading in the 'Benz (my salesman told me some of the salesmen at the dealership weren't quite sure of my thinking on this one!), but I make no apologies...Germany makes great motorcars, no arguments there, but NO ONE makes a 'Bird but Ford.

5. Looked for the 'creaks and groans' on the top, but after replacing her there are none there.

We did find (and I'll post this on a separate site to see other response) that at somepoint when she was still at the dealer (perhaps the window tinter), when someone took off the top and replaced it, they broke the plastic cap that fits on top of the female fitting for the back portion of the roof, driver's side. When they replaced the top, they didn't get the plastic cap in right and the roof's back driver's side was a little off, making some noise.

When we pulled off the roof for the first time, I found the plastic piece 'askew' so I pulled it off, tried to refashion it to its original shape, and then I snapped it back in place. The 'noise' that was originally there on that portion of the roof was not there when we replaced it yesterday.

6. There is some orange peal in the paint, but that was there on the me the finish is incredible!

If you all have any questions about the BVB (Bird Vs. Benz), just let me know...but all in all, it's great to 'be home again' with my Ford!



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Good going, Hope you have many happy miles and smiles. I'm glad the Thunderbird won back a Forign car buyer.

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