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Our dealer isn't charging a premium and we ordered two we had our name on a list (#1&#2)for almost 2 YEARS.
He said most dealers were being allocated 4 initially but they could take additional orders. Larger dealers would receive more cars sooner than smaller ones.
My wife ordered a red one loaded and they told her expect delivery late July 2001. I ordered a blue one (2001) to be delivered sometime April 2002. These two will be coming out of my dealers original allocation of 4 Thunderbirds.

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Has anyone received information from Ford? We were told Ford division had developed an extensive customer relationship program. They said "Thunderbird program headquarters will be providing more information regarding this world class program."
A Ford dealer posted in another forum that the mailings won't begin until June because of incomplete buyer information submitted by some franchises. Probably just as well since we were told that there's been a 2-3 week slip for the Job1 date (5/21) and Ford may hold back all cars 90 days after production for factory repairs (like they did with the 2001 Explorer). At least it will give them time to fix reported soft top leak and rear end stability problems.
I talked to the dealer I bought my F-150 form and they were only getting 2 cars for the year and the owner was taking 1 of those. So I went back to the dealer I bought my 95 Bird from and they were aloted 11 Birds for the year. I was the 7th to sign up for one and they sold all their 11 in less then two weeks.
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