Bumper dimple

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Pat Billera

I recently noticed that on the right side of the car, at a certain angle, it appears that a small dimple like indent about the size if a nickle was present. I brought it to one dealership and said that Ford would only authorize a repair. (filling and painting). That was unaccetable to me, so I took it to my original dealer and they said that they couldn't fix it but they replaced the entire wrap around bumper cover at a cost to THEM of $1056.00 It came out great. Of course the part was painted off the car before I brought it in for installation. I've seen this on other Birds. Has anyone else experienced this?

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neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
Yes Pat , the same thing happened to my car. As a matter of fact they replaced a few parts that had 'dimples' in them. They repainted the left rear panel,because of a major paint imperfection. But it all turned out beautiful. Joy
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