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As of Friday, the line contained 7500's, 7600's, 7700's and a couple of 7800's, mostly 7600's. Build rate is now at 100 - 110 cars per day and seems to be following vins pretty closely. Knowing this, it should be fairly easy to figure where your car is in the que.

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You have my car listed on your serial
number listings--here is the latest update
serial # 107287, red red full int. premium
scheduled build 12-10-01 I think was built
12-6-01 ship date 12-17 arrival 12-31.
Will probably beat the delivery schedule
date. If you need any more info please
E-Mail me off group
thanks ronbon

I am not sure how many cars are rolling off the end of the line but I would say your numbers are pretty correct. We are sending about 54 cars per shift from paint to the bank.
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