Brushed Aluminum Dash Trim Now Available!

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I just spotted the first company that I can remember seeing that is now offering real brushed aluminum trim pieces for the 2002 Thunderbird. They have enough trim pieces it looks like to almost completely cover most of the stock black interior trim areas. I'm not sure if I want to be the first one to do it, but I think that there are lots of us that would at least like to see the center console covered in the brushed aluminum.

If anyone does this to their new Tbird, please send photos!

The website for the aluminum trim for the Thunderbird is at the following website:

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This is what I have been looking for. I really only wanted the piece for the center stack...but some of the other pieces looking the ones for the doors.

Does anyone know about the products from this company... how well will the aluminum match the exisitng pieces that come with the car...durability, etc.??
looks like a $255 sale price for 16 pc set. You are right, wonder if it will match exsisting pcs. already in car?

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Matching the existing trim is the key. I think their quality will be good. Not sure if I want to take a $250 chance on a match. Says real brushed aluminum is special order and not returnable.

I have an add on wood dash trim kit on my Taurus SHO that my wife got me for Christmas several years ago. It did not come from this company, but I really like the way it dresses up the car and it has held up very well.


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Hi everyone I'm new here but have a Red/Red T-Bird. I have looked all over for trim kits and let me tell you that (Joshua Wood Tree) has an awful kit for the Thunderbird. There is a synthetic aluminum kit that is a piece of paper covered by thick plastic. I have seen some HOT carbon fiber samples from a place near me. Though brushed aluminum is my first choice, the carbn fiber is a nice look also.
When reading over the instructions for the aluminum kit they state:

"Real aluminum, as it is a metal, is very stiff. It has to be pre-formed by hand to fit the contours of the car before you install the piece. This step is not needed for flat areas. The 3M tape will not be strong enough to hold an unformed piece in place on a curved area of your vehicle. Pre-form a piece by hand or with a support such as a tube.

One must be careful while pre-forming the pieces. If a piece is over-bent, it can "crimp” and leave bend marks in the aluminum which will not come out. If a piece is under-bent, it will not hold to the car."

They suggest having a professional apply it. Sounds like an expensive experiment to do yourself as it is not returnable.

Nothing in life is easy. I just want an aluminum piece for the center stack that matches properly and adheres to the existing plastic with no problems.

Is that too much to ask?
Ford please listen and make this happen. I believe that most people would be happy to pay for it. After all, we spent money for better floor mats, chrome bezels, V8 emblems, books, caps, diecast models, etc.

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I agree, RT. Given that the look/reflection/finish of the metal is the key to its desirability in the first place, it'd be a shame to accidentally crimp it and have to live with a less than perfect surface. I'd also be timid about the durability of the tape holding it in place.
There's a woman here in Houston that was #3 at the dealership where I got my car. My car was #2. Anyway, she ordered the TBird Blue with full accent, and put WOOD trim in the car. I haven't seen it personally, but my salesman said it looked "different". When I track her down, I'll take photos. It just can't be attractive...
I received an e-mail from someone that has posted photos of their new Thunderbird with carbon fiber pieces added to the console and door armrests. They have posted their photos at RTBRD's Yahoo website (look for PHOTOS/ACCESSORIES/DASH INSERTS )
The website is located at: http://groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/

Photos like these can show all of us the various possibilities for customizing the interiors of our cars.

Does anyone know who owns the Blue Tbird with the Carbon Fiber trim kit shown in the dash insert section of the previous post...That one looks teriffic..
Here is one of them:
Hey I think many are forgetting why more of the car is currently not brushed AL.

The problem Ford had was trying to make pieces thin enough for the buttons on contols and stiff enough to look good. Ford themselves wanted the center AL, but could not get the quality good enough to make it happen.

Forming yourself? Ya right.
Like NG said, Ya right, this is not my 73 MGB I would be messing with it's a $40,000. T-Bird. I did do this on my MG with wood trim but would never try it myself on the Bird.

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