Bruce content--Road trip to Vegas

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All Right,
I got tix to see springsteen in Las Vegas today, and i think I'll take a road trip from denver to Vegas via a rattlesnake speedway in a Utah desert.
I'll take my Blue T-Bird on its first road test...license plate is THUNDRRD....

for that matter, i may just drive to LA and Phoenix to see those concerts as well...
How lucky are you ... seeing Bruce and getting there in your T-bird. You must feel like you are in heaven. I would be very interested to hear how the Boss is doing on this tour. How was the show? Details, please (offline as appropriate at thaser@*******). I presume you have plenty of Bruce CDs for your T-bird. Born to Run has a permanent home on slot 6 in my CD player. Keep on a-rockin'.

"...all the redemption I can offer, girl, is beneath this dirty hood..."
~ Bruce Springsteen

I think kayorocks got the tickets for the show already, but the show itself can't be until August, when Bruce kicks off the tour.

I have tickets for the San Jose (CA) show on August 27. It's kind of cool that that's where I first saw Springsteen, in 1978, to a half-full auditorium. Best show I've seen of the 20 or so I've been to since then.

Kayo, I like your license plate. I thought for awhile that I'd get a similar one for my car, but alas, in California all versions of "Thunder Road" seem to be taken.

-- Paula
continuing a little off topic here...

Yeah, Bruce tix for DC go on sale in late July I think (btw, I need to get on that). I wasn't sure when he was opening nationally, but I obviously misread kayorocks when he said he got the tix "today". Oh well.

I too have seen Bruce about 20 times. Mostly in Philly. First time was at the Spectrum in '80.

Enjoy the San Jose show. Feedback would be most welcome!
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