brokering vs saleperson purchased

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Many posts on brokering the cars.
Is this same as when the sales staff orders a
car. Our salesman told us this is what was
being done.

Planning on re-selling the cars. May be what
brought on the no sale-statement.They could
also order in a friend or family name too.

Guess since dealer isn't actual reselling
may be a loop hole.

A post on the old BON pretty much confirmed
the salesman comment. Glad printed it out
with problems on the old forum.
My understanding from reading the letter my dealer got, was that if a vehicle ends up on e-bay, at the local auction, in the hands of a used vehicle dealer or other make dealer (especially if it hasn't been registered/titled) the selling dealer would be in trouble with Ford - and maybe in violation of his/her franchise agreement.

According to other sites, Ford has already cancelled one dealers remaining Thunderbird allocation for the balance of the 2002 model year.

Even if you were to purchase a new T-Bird and put it on e-bay, etc. your dealer might be held responsible by Ford - thus the agreement not to resell for 6 months.
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