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Bought 69 bird stored for 40 years.

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Dozertech, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Just bought a super clean 69 bird that has been in heated storage for 40 years. Has 109000 miles on her. I've changed the oil, cleaned the points, filled coolant, replaced the radiator cap and filled the carb bowls. She lives....kinda. it has a horrible tick in the top end. I'll be pulling valve covers to investigate the noise but she runs pretty smooth. Cant wait to get her on the road again. I look forward to picking some brains here.
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  2. horrible tick? Sounds like lifters.
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  3. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Revised title.
  4. That's what I was thinking. She ran for a bit letting that new oil circulate through but she still wanted to talk to me.
  5. Drive it for a couple of hundred miles
  6. Yeah its possibly either stick lifters or valve tap.
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  7. Anybody have a good source for window regulators? I haven't pulled the door panel off yet but the window pulls right out on the back passenger side.
  8. Electric or manual? If the window comes out it may have broken free from its track. Those small windows are only held in with adhesive and over time they break loose. Try pulling on the window and moving the door regulator back and forth. I feel the common issue is the door regulator doesn't fail. It just comes loose from the track its set in.
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  9. It is electric. That's a great point. I dont recall seeing anything on the bottom of the glass. It probably has come off the adhesive. I'll pull the panel this week to see.
  10. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    There are oil additives for freeing up lifters. Seafoam and Rizlone for example.
  11. I may dump a bottle in if it isn't the rockers. Thanks
  12. Marvel Mystery Oil works well to.
  13. Make sure you have oil coming up each of the push rods, just a very small amount. Years past we would add a top end line which was a very high detergent lube. If the noise is loud on one lifter wrist case it could be collapsed. If youbwantvut to run quiet pull the intake and change them all or clean them in something like carb cleaner if still in good shape.
  14. I think I've decided to just replace the lifters and for good measure toss in a mild cam. Had her running with the mmo for a bit and no change in noise. Might just do a full stroker in her....still deciding that one.
  15. That should get rid of the tick for sure
    Best of luck
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  16. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Hi Dozertech. That's a radical repair strategy but I like your style!

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  17. Obviously the stroker kit would be just to push off some honda owner but that will be a while out. Fuel tank and sending unit should be here Tuesday so hopefully I'll get her going on her own fuel supply next weekend then get the cam and lifters installed. Cant wait to float this boat down the road.
  18. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    As the Ford ads back in the day said, “you’re not driving, you’re Thunderbirding”. And they was right
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  19. Spectra premium tank? Just a heads up they are "slightly" smaller than the original tank. I had the tank replaced in my 69 Tbird and I saw the tank was lightly smaller. Nothing to worry about mind you. It fit just as well as the original. You are going to have a PITA trying to drop the tank with the axle and exhaust in the way. Though now would be a good time to pull all that out and inspect for corrosion and rot. Also everything underneath.
    IMG_0238.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0243.JPG IMG_0244.JPG IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0246.JPG IMG_0247.JPG
    The last image is especially important. Those I feel are prone to rotting out.
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