Blue w/White Top?

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Anyone have photos of the Blue w/White Top?

I remember seeing some photos here about 1 month ago. Can anyone find these pictures or send me a link or bring to the top or have new pics?

Thanks in advance,

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These are from the launch party section of mike biddle's New Thunderbird page:

Click here for the rest...

Click here to go direct to the Launch Party Photos





NOTE: Somehow the images are not coming through, perhaps Geocities does not allow this type of image linking... try the direct link instead.

TBIRD II - My License Plate

Hi all,

I picked up my car on 6 Dec in Beaverton, Oregon (the car actually arrived at the dealer on 24 Oct. 2001). As some may know I live in Europe and was not able to go to the US until last week.

What a great week, no matter how short.

Now I am back in Europe and I only got to drive the car for a few days, but I didn't make any photos (mom is meant to be mailing me some). ****!!!!

Now the car sits in moms garage awaiting my Easter return, at which time she will surely get a much needed good and proper workout.

The car not mom!!!

Anyway, it is with a white top and is so dang beautiful...

I had you down as 9/24 delivery, which is correct 9/24 or 10/24.

Just to make sure I understand things, you have a white top not blue?

Premium or deluxe?

Just trying to make sure my database is correct.

Must be a real bear not being able to drive your car and having to wait so long in between.

I have 2 albums with the Thunderbird blue with white top sitting on my photo point site

album names start with Baskett 1 and Baskett 2 whose owner resided in Bosnia but car is in Texas.

There are permanent links to that page on the link page on my thenewtbird site in the photos section.

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/25 the New T-bird
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