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One of my buddies went with me to Raleigh today to hit the malls---drove Amadeus, top down, and saw another blue with the top down headed in the opposite direction on the beltline around 11:30---it had a bra on the nose.....any of our folks here???

Finally had a glitch to happen--we popped in a burned copy of Chicago and immediately got a "CD Error" message, so I've a jammed disc. The same cd has been in before, so I guess that label finally worked its way into a bad prob, I'll have it taken care of on Monday.

Pretty much decided on the way back that a road trip to Detroit/Wixom is a must sometime during the first couple of weeks of August. Will have to take in the Bird plant and visit the Ford Museum. Nice, leisurely drive in the new baby coming up!!!

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I'm sorry I didn't see you when when we passed each other on the beltline. I would have waved you down and stopped. My wife and I were out for a cruise. We decided to go to Fayetteville and check out the Airborne and Special Forces Museum. Had a great day! When we headed south on 401 we saw a yellow/yellow in Fuqua-Varina with "Born again" stickers on the rear window. I wonder if they are on the forum.

We'll be out somewhere again next weekend.
Heelbird, I'm trying to set up a Wixom tour for a small group of Thunder participants on August 12th. Several of us from this board may be attending. Let me know if you're interested.
Consider this a cyber-wave, NCBB ^^^^! Sharp car!
TR, the group things sounds great, but that is on a Monday. I'm thinking that the end of a week will have to be my itenerary (provided that tours are given then) to work in all that I want to do. Will keep it in mind, though---would be neat to meet more of our members, having met DavidA and Joelja.
Thanks, Heelbird. I've seen the pictures you posted of yours and it is equally as impressive. I look forward to meeting Amadeus in person on one of your trips to the Triangle or one of mine to Morehead.
Originally posted by tr cruiser:
Heelbird, I'm trying to set up a Wixom tour for a small group of Thunder participants on August 12th. Several of us from this board may be attending. Let me know if you're interested.

would this be open to any member of the board? id love to attend that, ive wanted to tour the plant for a while now. please let me know via email if i would be able to attend the event. tccoail@*********
thank you,
keith deluca

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I'm calling Dave today to try to set up my visit for August 16th. My friend who will be going with me has to work Monday-Wednesday, so we'd not be able to attend with the Monday group (but that sounds like fun).
Dave and I finally made phone contact today, and we're scheduled for the 9AM tour on Aug 16! He said a couple (thought from Illinois) was also set for the same tour. Getting excited!! I've wanted to take in the Ford Museum for several years, and finally have decided to take the plunge. Amadeus will get to visit his "birthplace".

As several folks have said, he is a really neat guy. He is aware of his "reputation", since several colleagues have told him about it, but he said he rarely surfs the internet---afraid it'd become a full time habit.

By the way, didn't have to visit the dealer to get the CD out of the changer. I could see it in the slot, and a gentle tug with a pair of tweezers took care of the problem. Fortunate, I guess, that it wasn't "swallowed" further down the gut.

Heelbird; you must bring Amadeus to North Myrtle Beach on Sept. 14 for our 2nd annual Good time Car Show....which will feature the new Thunderbird!
By the way, I finally named my blue car. He is "Mr. Blue". Remember the old Fleetwoods song of that title?
Sounds inviting, Norm, but Kenan Stadium will be the happenin' place on the 14th when Mack makes his return to Chapel Hill after lying his way down to Austin. There'll be an anxious overflow crowd waiting for him to bring his Longhorns to the Hill for an 8 PM ABC telecast. Amadeus will be in the hanger, but Enterprise will be at the game.

Thanks for the invite, though! Are you going to be in town the first weekend of August? I might take a few days off and could head down for a quickie visit.
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