Blinds Spot

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To some, you have had you cars over a year.

Has the blinds spots to the rear and rear
view mirror become un-noticeable.

Its is still a big concern here. If you
don't approach a corner at a 90 degree
feel better if have a spotter riding
shotgun. The design makes the car, the
large sail panels, low roof and portholes.
The rearview mirror required looking under
to get a go of the approaching cars to the

Don't see any solution except for a redesign
which would destroy the car. Just wondering
if ones who drive the car as daily driver
have gotten use to this.

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The visibility problem only bothers me occasionally after about 8 months of driving the Tbird. The rear-view mirror is really bad, but the main problem is with the soft top up. The fiberglass top is better, but it still isn't great. I'm extra careful when I change lanes, and I think of the visibility problem as more of an annoyance than a safety issue. And driving a car like this is worth the annoyance, to me at least. (The irritating lack of headroom is another issue....I mean, what could the designers possibly have been thinking?)
Been really enjoying the car. Can't say
when have driven a vehicle that gets this
much attention.

The last was maybe my 73 TransAm when the
hood chicken appeared.

Have a 2001 corvette, it might as well
be a tiny euro-box in comparision to appear
to the public.

The conditions are an annoyance but its
still a fun car.
I have had mine for 14 months. I was lucky enough to get one of the early ones. In my opinion, this is a "top down" automobile. The blind spot is only a minor problem to me. Care must be given to check the road behind you often and double check the traffic when making turns. The enjoyment outweighs the problem.
The blind spot is the same as it was for all the early birds, '55-'57. You just have to drive a little differently. When approaching a major turn, such as a left, you may have to pull more to the right to get a good view of the right prior to taking a left hand turn.
Part of the charm and challange
The view outside from inside really scared me. I went to wallyworld and purchased two in a pack little dome faced mirrors that self stick and affixed them to the near upper corners of the outside mirror glass.
The blind spot where the guy is passing on the left is really highlighted leaving no concerns on that side.
The other side works for anything really close very well. If it is far it will just be a little speck, but still warns me to take a bit of caution.
It really helps and rarely concerns me now.
Happy driving. Bmcn
Having worked in the class 8 trucking industry for 30 years I am quite used to driving with only the side mirrors (trucks don't have rear windows, plus can't see through that trailer) so the blind spots have never really been a problem for me.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
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Hasn't been a real problem for me, but then I have been driving Mustang GT convertibles for years so am probably more used to the blind spot than others.

Torch red, red top, black interior

Didn't you at least take the hard top off at first to make sure there was no water in there and that everything was working ok? If not then you should do it before leaving it all winter.


When picked up the car it had just been
off loaded from the truck and they
removed the plastic while we stood there.

The car had no water spots so don't feel it
had seen any moisture since leaving the

We talked about the top just today. I feel
it may not have as tight of fit as now if
remove so decided to leave as is. Car has
no wind or rattle sounds. Some have
experienced problems after removing.

Next spring will have to have the oil
changed so while in could have it checked
out. It still doesn't have a 1000 miles
so age will catch before mileage. Know
some just love the top down driving

Jimmy have you had the seat belt recall.
We haven't taken the car in since talked
with a service advisor at the dealership.
They admitted to having done few cars
and not sure of the procedure yet. So will
wait a bit longer
Blind spots and all, this is a classy looking car with that hard top on
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