Bird Fever

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MOST of the people on this board are Bird NUTS. Seems to me we should have a post, now that they are starting to be delivered on a regulator basis, to just post our feelings about our cars that we either have or are waiting for. Most of the people here already know how I felt waiting and how I feel now that it's here. So, lets hear your comments.

02 T-Bird
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond


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I think "Bird Fever" is a form of cabin fever, and the only cure for it is get behind the wheel of your new touring machine and head for the open road. Even then, the treatment needs to be repeated at frequent intervals. One good prognosis - the initial symptom, that feeling of endless waiting does disappear and is soon forgotten after you experience your first drive.

We were talking about names for our Birds in another thread. Found mine on a Sunday drive through a little town called Watsonville. I passed by a florist shop with a sign advertising "American Beauty Roses". It suddenly occurred to me - that's it. From now on this will be my American Beauty or beauty for short. Maybe I can find a decal with that inscription.
Not open for further replies.