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Often when I press the brake I find myself speeding up. Then discover that the brake pedal is lower than the gas pedal so that I am pressing both. Is it just my shoe size (12) or is there a flaw here? Bmcn


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I have never had this problem, I wear a size 9 - 9 1/2.

Sounds like you are setup for some heel and toe driving though.
I've noticed that when I let off the throttle, sometimes the left side of my shoe catches under the brake petal. I have a size 11 shoe and thought that I was the only one that thought the space was a little tight between the tunnel & the right side of the brake petal. Seems to leave a small space to place your foot on the throttle.

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Same here. I have accidentally lifted the end of the rubber cover off of the pedal with the edge of my shoe. Caused a slight problem when I tried to brake.
I'll have to ask George if he experienced any problems with the pedals. He drove hobobob's 'bird last week and wears a size 13 shoe. He didn't say anything to me as I sat in the passenger seat. He also never seemed to have a problem with the pedals when we took the Mystery Drive. I had much more of a problem getting to the clutch pedal on his Ranger when we drove up here to Washington state last week - kept catching the top of my foot on the emergency brake.
Originally posted by jodrod:
I have never had this problem, I wear a size 9 - 9 1/2.

Sounds like you are setup for some heel and toe driving though.

Hopefully I've learned to watch it. It has been scarey at stop signs.
I'm about 6'0" tall, size 10/1/2 shoe, and my complaint is that the gas pedal hangs too far up from the floor. I'll learn, I hope, but in the meantime I keep pushing air where most pedals are.

Just happened to me tonite..

I had to hit the brakes "defensive driving" the guy ahead was checking my car out and forgot he was driving...

When I pressed the brake pedal hard, I ended up catching the accelerator, and reved the car up to 7000 RPM while the car was in a full braking pattern.

Yes if you have big feet and dont hit the pedals just right, you get a real heart stopper of a supprise!
I don't think that the footwell is small. One thing I noticed immediately when I first drove my bird was that the brake pedal was bigger and felt more substantial than any of my previous Ford's
There is one thing that I have noticed. It seems that my right foot, when positioned properly on the gas pedal, is slightly up on the transmission hump and when driving tends to slide down the hump. This causes my foot to be positioned incorrectly on the gas pedal and I have to move my foot up the hill again. No big problem, just an annoyance. Has anyone else experienced this?
Its probably a very bad habit to have but I have been driving with two feet ever since I learned. I haven't had any problems using right foot for gas and left foot for brake.
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Every now and then I notice that, depending on what kind of shoes I'm wearing, I catch the brake pedal with my foot when letting off the gas. I did try hitting the brake a couple times and found myself hitting the gas. Know it's NOT the same kind of car but I do have the same thing on my 73 MGB. Shoe Size 10 1/2.

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I wear a size 12 also and have had no problems with the pedles. The only car I have ever had problems with is my buddies 62 Austin Healy. The British must have very small feet.
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