Bicycle hitch?

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I am a serious bicyclist, and I was wondering if anybody out there has installed or considered putting a hitch receiver on their new Bird. Any recommendations on installation or best bike hitch mfgrs?? (heard positive comments on Performance and Yakima hitches).

I've discounted using a trunk mounted rack (due to past experiences of scratching the trunk/bumper), or a roof rack (doesn't work on a convertible, obviously, but also past horror stories of wrecking the bike/car when driving into a garage).

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I have checked out Thule bike racks that use a regular draw bar type trailer hitch for mounting. This is what I am going to get for the Escape.

I am about to check out hitches for the TBird because I am seriously considering getting a small motorcycle type trailer for the TBird. I should be doing this next week. When I have some info I will post the findings.
my ford dealer let me know that a hitch will not work--
Ford does not have a towing solution for the 2002 T-Bird yet, and may never. The rear sits very low and just behind the bumper is the trunk—there isn’t a frame to which we could connect a hitch like on a truck.

looks like i'll either have to use a trunk mounted rack (using towels, tape, or whatever to protect the car finish)or...cancel my purchase order.
Now that is a serious cyclist
, cancel the Bird because it can't tow a bicycle.

Not good news on the hitch.
I just called Hitch King, I don't know if they are a national concern or not, but they said that they can do it. If a hitch is not in stock they can custom fab it. It is listed as a 1 1/4" hitch and retails for $150 but the wiring harness is quite expensive, $110, a normal harness is $35.
quite awhile ago i seem to remeber there was some one who worked at NAPA and he said that a hitch was going to be avalible after the first of the year. I just called mu local store and there is no listing yet, but asked them to check with the district rep if and when he comes in.

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