Beige/Tan Interior?

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57 bluebird

57 bluebird

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Feb 7, 2002
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Looks like regular ol' Thunderbird Blue with a black interior to me. In one photo, the interior has - kind of - a tan cast, but that's just the reflection of the strong afternoon sun on the black leather. I think somebody got their wires crossed when they filled in the information. Maybe it was someone unfamiliar with the car who entered the information looking at the photos.
On EBay it says the car is Thunderbird Blue. That's OK. I think the low sun added a lot of yellow to the interior when the picture was taken. Check the headrest, in other pictures it looks black (read charcoal grey). Just another example of the wonder of the Thunderbird, not only does the exterior change with the ambient light, so does the interior!
I kinda thought that too, but they did list it as beige. I wonder how many of the people bidding on it really think they are getting an unusal color combo. By the way, I also saw a new 2002 interior (black seatcovers)up for bid but I don't think it would be from the same car.
just sent email to seller for clarification. will advise if I get an intelligent response.

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That is definitely the standard interior. I have seen the same color in the right light on my car. It is a trick of the yellow sunlight, as well as the camera exaggerating it.

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Could this be a hoax?

No seller of a Thunderbird would make this kind of basic mistake.

Souds like someone that picked off pics and made an assumption the color was beige.
Erict, don't be surprised at errors Thunderbird sellers on EBay may make.
Several weeks ago a dealer in FL had a new bird on EBay. They had in their ad that they would ship anywhere. Now take the word ship and replace the P with a T and thats how the ad read. I emailed them and asked them to pass one for me. I didn't get a new bird but they immediately corrected their ad.

Ford did make a few Birds with saddle interior for VP's within Ford. We common people could only get Black.

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I don't know if that is true to this car as it's vin # is 109773 a later made car
Ran across that auction today before checking out the forum (haven't had time or computer to lurk here for awhile). Also sent an email to the seller complaining about their description - haven't heard back yet.

Have corresponded in the past with another seller who was being a proxy seller for an owner and making their description based on what the owner had told them & using a photo they had scrounged off the net - seller had found a N.M. photo to try to auction a standard black model (seller didn't know the difference). I suspect that's what has happened here. Seller and owner are probably not the same and seller tried describing car from the poor quality photos.

as for the tan interiors in Ford exec. cars - those have all been shown on the show circuits as custom cars with custom interiors. 57bluebird is correct - those custom cars would have very early vin #'s since they were 1st on the show circuit last summer.
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