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Wow! Not exactly on topic, but we just had quite a shaker here in Northern California. Haven't gotten the magnitude yet. Knocked things off a few shelves, but no major damage...

Initial estimate M5.2. Epicenter was very close.


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epicenter was in Hollister, so we felt it pretty good in San Jose.
First thing I did was go to the garage to see how the top was doing on the lift hanging over the car. Still was swaying but no problem.
Originally posted by Howlee:
You two need to get out of the city, didn't feel it all up here. John

This is living proof that humans are creatures of habit. There is no way I would live somewhere with frequent big earthquakes. You have to assume that if you live there your whole life, that sometime in your life you are going to experience an earthquake of mass destruction! Plus it is overcrowded in the metro, and the cost of living is unreal as compared to what us "country folk" pay. :)

Gas= 1.18/gallon

Electric/Gas/Water = 140.00/month average

Houses 50-60.00/ per heated square ft.
Nice Lots in town 20,000, 1 acre out of town 3,000-18,000.00.

State Income Tax= What is that? Not here!

Tax on the ignorant= No! Nearest lottery is Kentucky, Georgia.

I'm just joking around of course. Obviously Califoria has it's benifits or millions of people would not live there.
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