Availability in the Delaware Valley/ eastern PA area area

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I am seriously interested in purchasing a new T-Bird in the next few months, but don't mind waiting longer if that is what it takes. If someone could give me feedback as to what Ford dealers in the Eastern PA/Delaware Valley area are doing as regards taking orders, pricing, etc., I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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duke583 If you don't mind comming to the York Pa. area I have a GOOD dealer for you. Now taking orders for 03's at MSRP. Another person on our board has ordered an 03 at this dealer.

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GoBird. No problem getting over to York. If you could give me the name of the dealer, and person to contact there, it would be great. Do you have any idea as to how many 03's he will be allocated? Many thanks!! Duke
PA02- re: year and color. We have seen black, blue, red and white. Not really sure which color we want at this time, but are leaning to red to compliment our red 66 Mustang convert. Regarding interior, for our tastes, the "all black" interior seems to feel the most comfortable at this time. Most of the 02's I have seen have a multicolored interior. We are willing to wait until we are sure of the color that most appeals to us, so an 03 may be in our future if we don't come across the "right" 02 in time. Any ideas?
Thanks for your interest.


I know of a '02 yellow with all black interior(available now) and (3) Black / Black coming in about 4-6 weeks.. I'll keep an eye out for Red / Black...
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